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Shadowed Horizons is a free software game development framework written in Java by
The project's main goals are to decrease the level of mundane foundation building work involved
in game development, to provide a uniquely simple yet powerful toolkit for programmers, and to
serve the free software community by upholding it's principles while providing useful software.

This project is currently in it's final planning stages, and the first alpha release of the framework will
most likely occur some time in mid April.  This first release will contain what we call the foundation
classes for our system.  This will include a world management system, artifact creation frameworks,
character management tools, and the MetaObject system that lies at the heart of this project.

For now, the best way to get information about this project is to keep an eye on the auto-generated
documentation and the source code in the CVS repository.  The module which will hold our latest
code is called acropolis-free.  As soon as this goes up onto sourceforge, the nightly builds will be
synced to it, and you can get the code simply by downloading them.

If you are interested in what we are doing, feel free to contact us.  You don't need to necessarily
be commited to helping with the project, as we will gladly accept any kind of help anyone can offer.
Suggestions, constructive criticism, code patches, documentation, or anything of use will be
accepted openly.  One of the cornerstones of this project is serving the community, so if you
decide to be active, we will be sure to embrace that.

News often trickles to our wiki faster than it does sourceforge or this page.  You can also check
out some of the other software is working on, and get more information about us
there.  If you want, feel free to contribute to the wiki, it will only help us grow.

We hope you find this project useful, and we look forward to an exciting new release in the near future!